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On Tuesdays We Wear Leopard
Leopard Tuesday was founded by Kim Garvin Ferrier as a way to carry on the beautiful, courageous, sparkling spirit of Paige Ethington Hardy and to support the fight against ovarian cancer. To learn more about Paige and see why she was the kind of gal who would inspire Kim to do such a thing, click right here.

Paige met her own diagnosis of ovarian cancer with a strong faith and and a fearless combination of grace and grit. On Tuesdays, Paige would arrive at her weekly chemotherapy treatments wrapped in a leopard-print blanket, as fabulous as ever. To show their support for her battle, Paige’s many friends started wearing leopard on Tuesdays—and Leopard Tuesday was born.

Kim was blown away by her best friend’s positive spirit and became determined to share her legacy with as many people as possible. “In 46 years, Paige lived more than most people do in an entire lifetime,” says Kim. “Some people ask, ‘Why me?’ But Paige always said, ‘Why not me?’ That was her attitude from the beginning. She never felt sorry for herself. She believed she was chosen for a reason.”

Each Leopard Tuesday product is designed with Paige in mind, reminding us to live like she did: to take time for yourself, to celebrate each day, and to remember that strength, courage, faith—and a great leopard print—are always in style.


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